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City of Gmünd / Carinthia (Austria)

Welcome to City of Gmünd / Carinthia

City of Gmünd / Carinthia The small medieval town of Gmund is hidden in southern Austria, on the edge of Hohe Tauern and Nockberge national parks. Its prime location between three hiking and skiing resorts ensures that there is something for everyone to explore. A rich cultural programme all year round allows visitors to experience the diverse heritage of the town and its surrounding area. You can attend concerts, theatre productions, watch dance shows, visit several exhibitions and meet some of the resident artists during their workshops. The whole town celebrates art, and therefore is rightfully known as the artists’ city.

Regeneration and revival

For the local authorities and residents, the protection and upkeep of the old town, its architectural and cultural heritage has always been very important. The city has witnessed large-scale renovation projects aimed at preserving its flair and ambience, while also protecting its historic structures in an innovative way. The historical buildings have been carefully renovated and repainted. For the last 20 years, Gmund has consistently focused on art and culture – and today the city is a fine example of how a strong cultural commitment can enable the development of a city. Over the same period, 15 abandoned historic buildings have been carefully converted into stunning public spaces, such as galleries, arts and crafts workshops, artists’ studios, sculpture gardens, all of which, add to the enchanting appearance and atmosphere of Gmund. The cultural initiative, ‘Kulturinitiative’, the city’s administration and various networks of cultural and marketing organisations have worked collaboratively to strengthen the local economy and improve the quality of life for inhabitants and visitors.

Sightseeing tips

  • Visit the Valley of Malta, part of the spectacular National park Hohe Tauern, and the Kolnbreinsperre, Austria´s highest dam. Here you can take a walk or bike ride and see spectacular Austrian countryside with its mountainous terrain and stunning views
  • visit the Nockberge National Park, a walking and hiking paradise within Austria
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