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Examples of implementation in participating countries

In 2007, 6 EDEN organisers made a presentation to the Tourism Advisory Committee Members explaining how they had implemented the EDEN projects in their own countries.

The presentations made provided useful information on the management of the EDEN process, notably concerning selection phases and promotion of the EDEN initiative in their country.

The first list of documents provides the audience with a number of good practice and practical suggestions about the selection procedure.

  • Hungary pdf - 1019 KB [1019 KB] (Zoltan Pap)
  • Ireland pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] (Sheena Doyle)
  • Cyprus pdf - 175 KB [175 KB] (Maro Kazepi)
  • Italy pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] italiano (it) (Lucio d'Amore)
  • Croatia pdf - 16 MB [16 MB] (Blanka Belosevic)
  • Austria pdf - 19 MB [19 MB] Deutsch (de) (Monika Klinger)

The second list of documents looks at the marketing tools offered to the winning destinations and those who successfully took part in the project in their country.

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