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Promoting sport activities

Sport activities can play an important role in promoting natural assets and developing environment-friendly tourism. Whenever possible, such activities must be implemented with a view to preserving the environment and even helping discover the local environment (marked trails, etc.). An activity which puts pressure on the environment (for instance golfing, skiing, etc.) should not be the only sporting activity offered to tourists.

Examples of implementation

Clonakilty district (Ireland – 2007)

Outdoor sports such as biking, golfing and fishing are one major attraction.

Soča valley (Slovenia - 2008)

Sport potential is fully exploited and is a major source of touristic incentive: visitors are encouraged to go trekking (a number of itineraries are suggested and available on the tourism website), kayaking, rafting, hiking, caving, skiing, sky diving, mountain biking and golfing.

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