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Offering educational tourist products

Such products should help tourists improve their knowledge and better understand the local culture.

Examples of implementation

Durbuy (Belgium - 2007)

Dutch language courses have been made available for tourists and have been greatly successful.

Spanish Travel & Tourism Industry Experience

This project provided work experience for students aged between 17 and 19, with a view to help them to acquire language skills in Spanish.

Kuldiga (Latvia - 2007)

Textile workshops are available for tourists.

Styrian Volcano Land (Austria - 2008)

Summer academies of arts, sculpture days and ceramic days attract visitors interested in art.

Őrség (Hungary - 2007)

Nature study programmes introduce tourists to ponds, hayfields, marshlands, woodlands and orchards and explain how they function.

Carlingford (Ireland – 2007)

Educational walks are organised to raise awareness about the local natural heritage.

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