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EDEN Network workshop - Brussels, 23/10/2012


Session 1 : "The benefits of EDEN Networking"

Session moderated by Mr Xavier LECHIEN, Vice-President of the EDEN AISBL

  • The EDEN Network revealed pdf - 31 KB [31 KB] . What has been done from 2009 till today and a brief look into the future.
    Ms Anya Niewierra, EDEN Network Chairwoman and EDEN AISBL President.
  • Small and emerging destinations in time of crises pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] . The value added of networking in times of spending reviews, budget cuts, social marketing.
    Mr Antonio Pezzano, EDEN Network Facilitator.
  • Marketing without money (MWM) pdf - 11 MB [11 MB] . How influential travel professionals will talk about EDEN destinations.
    Mr Aivar Ruukel, Social Media Project Manager and EDEN AISBL, BOA member.
  • EDEN for Dummies pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] . Tips for getting the most of EDEN networking.
    Mr Aivar Ruukel and Mr Antonio Pezzano.

Session 2 : "EDEN Network Association AISBL, General Assembly Meeting"

Chaired by Mr Xavier LECHIEN, Vice-President of the EDEN AISBL

Annual General Assembly Meeting pdf - 817 KB [817 KB]

I. List of Members
II. Approval of the internal rules

a. Commitment Convention
b. Charter of BOA member profile

III. Composition of Board of Administrators
IV. Approval of the Strategic Plan

a. Strategy Lines
b. Updates on projects (current and future)

V. Presentation and approval of the Mid-Term budget
VI. Any other business

Session 3: "Inspiration, Learning, Exchange"

Moderated by: Mr. Antonio Pezzano, EDEN Network Facilitator


Minutes of the Meeting

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