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2010 – Aquatic Tourism

The Commission, together with the Member States and the Candidate Countries, have singled out the theme of excellence for 2010 as being “Aquatic Tourism”.

The 2010 quest has been addressed to those tourist coastal, lake and riverside destinations promoting innovative approaches for their aquatic tourism offer in such a way as to develop a more qualitative environment, to cope with the seasonality issue and to rebalance the tourist flows from the most famous and crowed tourist destinations.

The call for proposals was launched by the Commission in February 2010. Participating countries have therefore selected the winning destinations among the candidate destinations, and the winners were officially awarded in Brussels on 27 September 2010.

Each awarded destination respected the following criteria:

  1. be “non traditional” (the visitor density rating from “low” to “very low” in comparison with the national average);
  2. be designed as coastal, lake and riverside tourism destinations  by the national or regional regulations;
  3. manage its own tourism offer in such a way as to ensure its social, cultural and environmental sustainability and in a partnership between the authorities responsible for the management of the destination and all those involved in tourism in and around the area (e.g. tourist service providers, local communities).

The winner destinations have been rewarded as “EDEN destination for its Aquatic Sustainable Tourism Offer”.

Contact names for the National Project Officers which have managed the competition in the different countries are available on this page.

In order to get a better idea about the call and the project, you can have a look at our call for proposals which is published on DG Enterprise and industry web site.



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