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Tomasz Zubilewicz




Weather report presenter,journalist and an optimist

Balanced/Sustainable tourism

Combining birds' singing with the silent pace of history

My motto

Draw conclusions from the past and look into the future

Decisive experiences and events which shaped the path of my lifeTomasz ZUBILEWICZ

An expedition to Southeast Asia, where my documents, money and plane ticket were stolen, but my experiences and memories were not taken away from me. Few years later even the drill sergeants in the army couldn’t surprise me.

My major achievements
  • Two child
  • 58 books
Milestones in my life

Dealing with my weaknesses when I’m alone (Thailand 1984).

My major achievements

Everything I accomplished in life, I achieved by myself.

What I like to do

I like to dream and then fulfil my dreams. Dreams are a bit like a never ending map or different weather.

What is most precious for me

Family, family and once again - family.


I have my own article on the polish wikipedia.

Linkshttp://www.tvnmeteo.plCurriculum vitae

A 47-year-old born optimist with a Master’s degree in geography, who has already visited 5 continents. Working in television for the last 15 years, author of a book on the most interesting places in Poland. Lately working on a project that focuses on climate change and various environmental activities.

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