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Aneliya Mihaylova Krushkova


Aneliya Mihaylova Krushkova




Wife, mother, economist, business woman, administrator, traveller

Sustainable tourism for me is...

…the only way to provide economic growth and allow people to see, feel and understand their differences while preserving the beauty of nature

My message:

Travel and tourism can help us understand who we are

Decisive experiences and events which shaped the path of my life
  • Education, marriage, children
  • Political changes in the world and own environment which have decisively transformed our way of thinking, life and  that of our children
Milestones in my life
  • The fall of iron curtain
  • The process of European enlargement 
My major achievements
  • Raising a family, educating my children while building a carrier in business
What I like to do

Discovered the undiscovered

What is most precious for me

Family, friends and freedom


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