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Communications on tourism

Implementation and develoment of the common visa policy to spur growth in the EU

COM(2012)649 - 07/11/2012

In this strategic Communication, the Commission examines how the implementation and development of the common visa policy could help growth in the EU by facilitating travel opportunities for third country nationals willing to visit the EU.

If fully exploited, the current visa rules could ensure that the EU remains an attractive destination for more tourists/third country nationals, while at the same time boosting EU's economic activity and job creation.

The communication identifies certain shortcomings in the implementation of current procedures and explores initiatives that could be envisaged to ensure an optimised implementation of the Visa Code. It also suggests some ideas towards future amendments of the visa rules that should be further explored.

Europe, the world's No 1 tourist destination a new political framework for tourism in Europe

COM(2010) 352/3 - 30.06.2010

Keeping Europe the world's top tourist destination is the objective of a Communication tabled by the European Commission onm 30.06.2010. With 370 million international arrivals in 2008, Europe has more than 40% of the global figure - a position which needs to be retained. However the fast changing worldwide economy impacts on the tourism sector with some important changes concerning tourist behaviour and markets of origin. While flagging challenges such as seasonality and an aging population, the Commission document outlines a policy that aims at supporting this essential sector of the European economy and proposes initiatives to promote its competitiveness, its sustainable and quality-based development and the visibility of Europe as an outstanding tourist destination.

Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European Tourism

COM(2007) 621 final - 19.10.2007

In October 2007, the Commission has launched a medium-long term strategy to achieve sustainable and competitive European tourism. It suggests that all stakeholders should undertake the necessary steps to strengthen the contribution of sustainable practices to facilitate the competitiveness of Europe as the most attractive tourism destination. The Communication contains a message of commitment by the Commission to this Agenda process. It builds the framework for the implementation of supportive European policies and actions in the tourism domain and in all other policy areas which exert an impact on tourism and on its sustainability.

A renewed tourism EU policy: towards a stronger partnership for European Tourism

COM(2006) 134 final - 17.03.2006

On February 2005, the Commission proposed a new start for the Lisbon Strategy focusing the European Union's efforts on two principal tasks - delivering stronger, lasting growth and more and better jobs. To respond to modern challenges while making the best use of available resources and taking advantage of all possible synergies the Commission proposed a renewed European tourism policy in the Communication on "A renewed tourism EU policy: towards a stronger partnership for European Tourism". The main aim of this policy is to improve the competitiveness of the European tourism industry and create more and better jobs through the sustainable growth of tourism in Europe and globally.

Basic orientations for the sustainability of European tourism

COM(2003) 716 final - 21.11.2003

As a concrete follow-up to one of the ten measures that the Commission announced in its Communication 'Working together for the future of European tourism" adopted two years earlier, the Commission called for an EU-wide drive to enhance the economic, social and environmental sustainability of European tourism in the Communication "Basic orientations for the sustainability of European tourism" which emphasised the need to ensure the consistency of various Community policies and measures affecting the sustainability of tourism and the industry's competitiveness.

Working together for the future of European tourism

COM(2001) 665 final) - 13.11.2001

In the Communication on "Working together for the future of European tourism", the Commission outlined its ideas on how best to exploit the European tourism sector's competitive potential. The Communication is the final milestone of the "tourism and employment" process that was launched four years earlier.

Please note that any references contained in the register are not legally binding. Only legal acts published in the Official journal (EUR-Lex) are binding.

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