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Retracing the steps of St. Augustine…

Retracing the steps of St. Augustine

'The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.'

Off the beaten track, exploring the treasures of 4th century proconsular Africa:

Hippo — Guelma — Thagaste — Bulla Regia — Sicca Veneria — Thugga — Oudna — Carthage — Ostia — Milan — Pavia

From his birth in Aures to his final burial in the Basilica of Pavia, by way of Hippo, Carthage and Milan, these are the milestones in the charismatic route of St. Augustine.

Augustine, the African

Before Islam spread throughout North Africa and beyond in the 7th century, Christianity was deeply rooted in the region.

Numerous bishoprics and Church Doctors had their origins in the proconsul community of Africa, including Tertullian, Cyprian and Augustine, who strongly influenced the development of Christendom.

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