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European Tourism Forum - Stimulating competitiveness in the European Tourism Sector, Kraków, 5-7 October 2011

 Issues discussed (panels):

  • how to consolidate the socio-economic knowledge base for tourism
  • how to develop innovation and ICT in tourism.

The plenary session addressed how to make European tourism more competitive.

Parallel events

  • informal meeting of tourism ministers on 6 October pdf - 266 KB [266 KB] français (fr)
  • signing of a joint declaration between the Commission and the European Travel Commission on cooperation and the promotion of “Destination Europe”.
  • Poland joined the 50,000 tourists pilot initiative by signing the memorandum of understanding.

Programme of the European Tourism Forum 2011 in Krakow (Poland) pdf - 145 KB [145 KB]

The EU Perspective

Short statements by Member States, Institutions & Stakeholder Representatives

  • Jan KORTHOUT pdf - 29 KB [29 KB] (on behalf of Minister Geert BOURGEOIS)
    Director for International Realations, Department of Flanders, Belgium, EU Presidency 2010
  • Kristof SZATMARY pdf - 23 KB [23 KB] ,
    State Secretary, Ministry of National Economy, Hungarian EU Presidency 2011
  • Bryan CASSIDY pdf - 11 KB [11 KB] ,
    President of the Section for Internal Market, Production and Consumption, EESC
  • Kent NYSTROM pdf - 744 KB [744 KB] ,
    NET, President HOTREC
  • Marie KIHLBERG NELVING pdf - 40 KB [40 KB] ,
    ETLC President

Guest speaker

Panel 1 : Consolidating the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base for Tourism

  • Cordula WOHLMUTHER pdf - 428 KB [428 KB] ,
    Deputy Regional Director for Europe, UNWTO, "UNWTO in EUROPE"
  • Christophe DEMUNTER pdf - 315 KB [315 KB] ,
    Head of Tourism Statistics, EUROSTAT, "The Use of Mobile Positioning Data for Tourism Statistics"
  • Alfredo ZINI pdf - 449 KB [449 KB] ,
    President, Ente Bilaterale Nationale del Turismo (EBNT), "The Italian Statistical Tourism Observatory"
  • Ewa DZIEDIC pdf - 126 KB [126 KB] polski (pl) ,
    Professor, Warsaw School of Economics, "Consumer Attitudes and Tourism Satellite Accounts : the Polish Experience"


  • Mara MANENTE pdf - 106 KB [106 KB] ,
    Director Centro INternazionale di Studi sull'Economia Turistica, CISET, TSG Member

Panel 2 : Developing Innovation and ICT in Tourism

  • Robert PALMER pdf - 956 KB [956 KB] ,
    Director of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, "Council of Europe Initiatives in Improving the Tourism Product through Innovation and the Use of ICT"
  • Karl WOEBER pdf - 518 KB [518 KB] ,
    President of Modul University Vienna, "The TourMIS Market Information System as a Tourism Management On-line tool"
  • Josep IVARS pdf - 436 KB [436 KB] ,
    Director of INVAT.TUR, Fundación Communidad Valenciana, Spain, "Tourism Innovation Strategies at Regional Level"
  • Matthias KOCH pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] ,
    CEO, Austrian Professional Hotel Association (APHA), "Innovation in the Accomodation Sector : the Hotels of the Future".
  • Gil PONS pdf - 996 KB [996 KB] ,
    Tourist innovation Policy Officer, Provence - Alpes - Côte d'Azur Region, NECSTour, "User-driven innovation in Tourism services : the regional dimension"

Rapporteur :

  • Mara MANENTE pdf - 106 KB [106 KB] ,
    Director Centro Internazionale di Studi sull'Economia Turistica CISET, TSG Member

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