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Second Calypso Meeting : Calypso Widens Europe`s Travel Horizons

This Meeting was organised by the INATEL Foundation, Portugal, in collaboration with the European Commission, and was held from the 27th-28th October 2011 in Estoril (27th) and Lisbon (28th).

It was the last Calypso meeting for 2011 and gave considerable attention to the Economic Impact of Social Tourism, the Elaboration of Success Stories from Portugal, the four Calypso projects that were launched through the 2010 Call for Proposals, and the Future of Calypso.  Additional details are available through the summary report.  

The meeting was very well attended by Portuguese tourism stakeholders, including industry and associations, directly or indirectly involved in social tourism issues. Besides the Calypso Group of Experts, important personalities such as Vítor Ramalho, President of INATEL Foundation, and Luís Patrão, President of Turismo de Portugal also participated.

There were around 120 participants in total, yet the morning programme on the 27th October was also attended by an additional group of around 200 senior citizens that participated in the INATEL programme “Turismo Senior”.  

During the event, the European Commission publicly launched two short Calypso video clips, one intended to grab the attention of the general public, the other of tourism stakeholders.

Presentations :


  • In what ways Social Tourism can be beneficial to hotels? pdf - 637 KB [637 KB] João SOARES (Hotel D. José)
  • Has Social Tourism benefitted your business activity?
    Domingos SILVA (Casino da Figueira)
  • Does Cultural sector of business gain benefits from social tourism in the low season?
    Luís ALELUIA (Artistic Director, Cartaz Theatrical Productions)

Rapporteur : Teresa CALDAROLA (Calypso Expert Group)

Rapporteur : Agnes RETI (Calypso Expert Group)

Update on the Calypso Projects :


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