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What is a new fibre? Guidelines for potential applicants

The use of fibre names in the EU : Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011

As from 8 May 2012, the use of fibre names in the EU is governed by Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 September 2011 on textile fibre names and related labelling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products.

According to the Regulation, textile products have to be labelled or marked whenever they are put on the market for production or commercial purposes.

The information which has to be provided relates to the textile fibre content of the textile product concerned, and only fibres that are listed in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 may be used.

Amending Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011

Adding a new fibre to the Annexes of Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 necessitates a lengthy legislative procedure at European level.

The European Commission will only initiate such a process if an amendment of the Regulation appears inevitable, in view of a need for consumer information and/or the proper functioning of the internal market.

Applications from Industry

The purpose of the Regulation is to provide coherent consumer information throughout the European Union by harmonising the use of fibre names.

Applicants from individual enterprises or industry federations should be aware that Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 on textile names establishes generic fibre names. In principle, a new name is justified only if the fibre cannot be classified into any of the existing groups. By no means will it ever be possible to promote via the labels established under this Regulation specific products of an individual company as a quasi-marketing measure.

A written application for an amendment of Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 can be sent to:

European Commission
DG Enterprise and Industry
Unit E3 "Textiles, Fashion, Design and Creative Industries"
B-1049 Bruxelles

Individual companies are advised to contact the relevant European industry federations before launching an application. While not formally required, it is helpful if the application is supported by industry as a whole. Also, it will be helpful if a request is supported by the relevant consumer organisations.

Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 does not foresee that a temporary fibre name be granted during the transition period pending the amendment of the Regulation.

Required information

The information required to apply for an amendment of Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 to add a new fibre name needs to be in line with the requirements established in Annex II to the Regulation (link to Annex II of the Regulation).

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