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  • 20/02/2014Conference: European GNSS : actions for road transport, multimodal logistics and dangerous goods.enBrussels
  • 20/02/2014
    Bringing people with the right skills to the tourism sectorenBrussels
  • 25/02/2014Workshop: improving the access of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) SME's to financing and venture capitalenBrussels
  • 27/02/2014
    EU Access to Finance Day, 27 February, BudapestenBudapest
  • 04/03/2014High Level Conference on the Future of the European defence sector: Setting the Agenda for the European Defence IndustryenBrussels
  • 05/03/2014Stakeholders hearing on RPAS third-party liability and insurance requirementsenBrussels
  • 06/03/2014
    EU Access to Finance Day, Czech Republicen
  • 10/03/2014
    Innovation ConventionenBrussels
  • 10/03/2014
    9th European Annual Symposium EU Funds 2014 Managing Change with the new Generation of European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020enBerlin
  • 13/03/2014Late payment campaign - LjubljanaenLjubljana

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