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Textiles and clothing

Textile and clothing high level group

On 29 October 2003 the European Commission adopted the Communication "The future of the textiles and clothing sector in the enlarged European Union" which was welcomed by EU-15 Ministers at the meeting of the Competitiveness Council on 27 November 2003.

In order to follow up on the ideas and suggestions contained in the Communication, the Commission has set up a High Level Group on textiles and clothing. The Group has a mandate to formulate recommendations on concrete proposals and measures to improve the conditions for the competitiveness of the European textiles and clothing industry.

The Group endorsed its first report on 30 June 2004 containing recommendations for actions concerning major aspects of the competitiveness of the sector such as innovation, education and training, trade policy, protection of intellectual property rights, labelling and industrial cooperation. First Report of High Level Group of 30 June 2004 pdf - 1008 KB [1008 KB]

The Commission reacted to this report in its Communication "Textiles and clothing after 2005 - recommendations of the High Level Group on textiles and clothing" of 13 October 2004, accompanied by a list of measures already in place or to be launched in the near future at European level (SEC 2004/1240) pdf - 255 KB [255 KB] [254 KB] . It also recommended that the High Level Group should continue its work, both to tackle those issues which it had previously been unable to discuss in sufficient depth and to observe the impact of the elimination of import quotas from 1st January 2005.

At the fifth meeting of the High Level Group held on 18 September in Brussels the members endorsed the second report and underlined the importance to review the progress in the implementation of new recommendations in 2007 and to work towards the accomplishment of the vision of a leaner and competitive textile and clothing industry as suggested in the report. Second Report of the High Level Group of 18 September 2006 pdf - 469 KB [469 KB]

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