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Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment (R&TTE)

Public consultation on the impact of options currently under consideration for the revision of the R&TTE Directive

Policy Fields

Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

Target groups

  • Economic operators that manufacture, import or distribute products in these sectors, including industry associations.
  • Consumer or professional users that use products in these sectors, including associations representing the interests of users.
  • Public authorities in charge with the application of regulation in these sectors, in particular authorities that carry out market surveillance activities (referred to as 'Market Surveillance Authorities') and authorities responsible for the notification of conformity assessment bodies ('Notifying Authorities').
  • Conformity assessment bodies notified under one or more of the directives concerned by this consultation (also referred to as 'Notified Bodies')

Period of Consultation

16.07.2010 – 15.09.2010 (the consultation is closed)

Objective of the consultation

The main objective of this public consultation launched by DG Enterprise and Industry is to ask the views and opinions of citizens and stakeholders on the various issues that may need to be addressed in a draft proposal for further amending the Directive.

The replies to this consultation will provide the Commission services with a broader range of views on the identified policy needs and should enable to improving or confirming the envisaged approaches.

After analysing the results of this consultation, the Commission services will publish their findings on the Commission website.

The findings on this public consultation will be part of the impact assessment report that will accompany the Commission's proposal for amending the Directive.

View the consultation documents

Contact Details

responsible service

DG Enterprise and Industry, Unit I4 – Telecom sector


postal address

European Commission, Av. d'Auderghem 45, 1040 Bruxelles

View the Contributions

Contributions will be analyzed and a general report will be published once the consultation is closed.

Results of consultation and next steps

The results pdf - 59 KB [59 KB] of this open consultation together with other studies will help the European Commission to formulate proposals to the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament in 2011.

Confidentiality and Data protection

This consultation is subject to Personal Data Protection rules.

A Privacy statement pdf - 19 KB [19 KB] specifies how your data will be used, and a specific section is included in the questionnaire to give you the choice to consent to the publication of your reply, personal data included, or not.

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