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Pressure equipment and gas appliances

Pressure equipment sector

Gas storage and extraction from underground storage facilities. © Oleg-F - Fotolia

The EU supports the pressure equipment sector through harmonised legislation.

Pressure equipment

The EU has harmonised the differing national legislations in the Member States for pressure equipment and simple pressure vessels to guarantee free movement of these products in the internal market while ensuring a high level of safety.

The European legal framework has improved market conditions in this sector, which is of economic importance in terms of turnover, trade and jobs.

The following legal instruments are currently in force:

Voluntary European harmonised standards developed by CEN support these Directives. Compliance with those voluntary standards produces presumption of conformity, simplifying the application of the legislation. Those standards are continuously adapted to technical progress.

In order to carry out the management and ensure the correct implementation of the Directives, the Commission convenes meetings of the relevant Committees with Member States' representatives and the main stakeholders and participates in the Administrative Co-operation Groups of Member States' market surveillance authorities and in meetings of conformity assessment bodies notified under the Directives.

The Commission deals with notifications of safeguard clauses and with complaints concerning non-compliant and unsafe products in each sector.

Transportable pressure equipment

In the context of its global goal of improving safety in transport, the European Union has issued in 1999 the Directive 1999/36/EC to enhance safety with regard to transportable pressure equipment approved for the inland transport of dangerous goods by road and by rail.

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Aerosol dispensers

Aerosols provide a wide range of products that combine safety and hygiene with consistent high performance and convenience. Cosmetic and household products are the main aerosol categories and represent three quarters of the European production.

Safety aspects related to the pressure hazard of the aerosol dispensers are regulated by the Aerosol dispensers Directive 75/324/EEC (ADD) and its amendments.

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