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Pressure equipment and gas appliances

Comparative Study

Safety & technology: comparative study demonstrates competitiveness of European harmonised standard for unfired pressure vessels (EN 13445)

A study comparing the total costs of pressure equipment designed using the EN 13445  and American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler & Pressure Vessel (ASME Section VIII) code has underlined the economic viability of the European standard.

10 examples of widely used pressure equipment were considered, including a gas storage tank, hydrogen reactor, stirring vessel, autoclave, water separator, air cooler header and three different types of heat exchangers, and compared different approaches: design to EN 13445, ASME VIII and design to modified ASME VIII for compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED). Total costs were then assessed with the collaboration of several European manufacturers. In 7 out of the 10 examples EN 13445 proved to be the most economic design code. Additionally a number of safety and legislative issues were also analysed.

The results of the study can be downloaded from here: Comparative Study Summary pdf - 594 KB [594 KB] .

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