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Aerosols Dispensers Directive

Essential safety requirements (ESRs)

Essential safety requirements (ESRs) lay down the necessary safety elements for protecting public interest. Essential safety requirements for design, manufacture, testing, marking, labelling, instructions and materials, usually written in general terms, are mandatory and must be met before products may be placed on the market in the European Community.


Gas Appliances Directive

Notified Body

Notified Body is a semi-official or private technical orgnisation appointed by Member States, either for approval and monitoring of the manufacturers' quality assurance system or for direct product inspection. A Notified Body may be specialised for certain products/product categories or for certain modules.


Pressure Equipment Directive

Published Harmonised (European) Standards

Published Harmonised (European) Standards list are a specific subset of European Standards (EN, produced by CEN and available from the national Standards Institutes) with particular consideration of the Essential Safety Requirements the reference number of which is published in the Official Journal of the European Commission. The use of a Published Harmonised Standard in the design and manufacture of a product will give the presumption of conformity (Article 5.1) to those ESRs listed in Annex ZA of the particular Harmonized Standard.

Recognised Third Party Organisations

Recognised Third Party Organisations are appointed by Member States to carry out the approval of welding procedures and personnel and non-destructive testing personnel.

Sound Engineering Practice

Sound Engineering Practice applies to equipment that is not subject to conformity assessment but must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the sound engineering practice of a Member State in order to ensure safe use. That equipment must ensure that design and manufacture takes into account all relevant factors influencing safety during the intended lifetime. The equipment must be accompanied with adequate instructions for use and must bear the identification of the manufacturer. The responsibility for compliance with the PED lies solely with the manufacturer.


Simple Pressure Vessels Directive

User Inspectorates

User Inspectorates are appointed by Member States to carry out the tasks of notified bodies within their own companies under Modules A1, C1, F and G only. (The CE marking should not be affixed to pressure equipment and assemblies assessed by user inspectorates).

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