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Pressure equipment and gas appliances

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED): materials

The Pressure Equipment Directive requires that materials used for pressure equipment - except for equipment according to Article 3.3, where Sound Engineering Practices are to be applied - must fulfill one of the following three formal requirements (see PED Annex I.4.2b):

  • comply with a Harmonised Standard Material;
  • be covered by a European Approval of Material (EAM);
  • particular material appraisal (PMA)


This applies also to products that have been developed in the past and are now to be CE-marked. Materials used for such products and not listed in one of the harmonised standards should either be covered by an EAM or must be assessed in a particular material appraisal. The effort for materials regarded as being safe before the taking effect of the PED is significantly lower compared to other materials.

Harmonised Standards Material

Harmonised Standards are produced by CEN following a mandate for a particular directive issued by the Commission.

European Approval of Materials (EAM)

Article 1.2.9 of the Directive defines the term.
Article 11 of the Directive specifies the process of how European Approvals of Materials are to be obtained. The document Guiding principles for the contents of EAM drafts (PE-01-01 latest revision) pdf - 57 KB [57 KB] describes the requirements on EAMs. It should be noted, that as a consequence of Article 11 Paragraph 5 no EAMs are possible, the type of which is already covered in a Harmonized Standard.
Some PED Guidelines under Heading 7 pdf - 347 KB [347 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) and Heading 9 pdf - 268 KB [268 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) also cover the European Approval of Materials.

Standard form for EAMs

Form for EAM pdf - 59 KB [59 KB]

Particular material appraisal (PMA)

The document "Guiding principles for the content of PMA (PE 03-28), latest revision" pdf - 94 KB [94 KB] , describes the requirements on PMAs (Particular Materials Appraisals).

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