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Pressure equipment and gas appliances

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED): guidelines

In order to ensure a coherent application of the pressure equipment directive Guidelines are currently being established and agreed in the framework of the Commission's working group "Pressure". This working group is composed of representatives of Member States, European federations, the Notified Bodies Forum and CEN and chaired by a representative of the Commission services.

Status of the guidelines

The guidelines are not a legally binding interpretation of the directive. The legally binding text remains that of directive 97/23/EC. However the guidelines represent a reference for ensuring consistent application of the directive by all those involved. They represent, unless indicated differently in the respective guideline text, the unanimous opinion of the member states experts.

Guidelines set out under this chapter

Guidelines set out under this chapter have been agreed to by the Commission's working group "Pressure". They are of the format Question-Answer. Whenever a listed question has no answer, this means that the discussion on this guideline has not been finalised yet. The relevant answer will appear as soon as the Guideline is adopted. Their presentation is likely to be modified in the future. Further guidelines are currently being developed and will be set out as soon as they are agreed.


Classification of the guidelines

The guidelines carry a x/y type numbering. The first number (x) relates to the subject, the second (y) is a sequential numbering. The numbers x relate to the following subjects:

  1. Scope and exclusions of the directive
  1. Classification and categories
  1. Assemblies
  1. Evaluation assessment procedures
  1. Interpretation of the essential requirements on design
  1. Interpretation of the essential requirements on manufacturing
  1. Interpretation of the essential requirements on materials
  1. Interpretation of other essential requirements
  1. Miscellaneous
  1. General/Horizontal issues

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