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Pressure equipment and gas appliances

Reference documents

This section provides an overview of European legislation in the fields of pressure equipment and gas appliances.

Pressure equipment directives

The sector and the product range covered by pressure equipment directives is enormous: from kitchen pressure cookers to boilers in electrical power stations, including also complete chemical plants. The European market is estimated at 90 billion. In the same area, we cover simple pressure vessels and aerosols.

"Pressure" is a traditional sector, which started to be regulated right from the industrial revolution. Community law based on the New Approach not only does open up markets between Member States, but it also promotes innovation, increasing the competitiveness of industry. A main concern is worker and consumer protection. General information about technical regulation following the new approach can be found here .
This site provides relevant information on transposition and implementation, interpretation and related subjects. Containing essential reference information in order to design, produce, market and put into service Pressure Equipment and Pressure Assemblies in Europe including practical hints to the application of the directives. Furthermore details are given of about Notified bodies, who are responsible for carrying out conformity assessment procedures, the guidelines elaborated by the Commission will be to clarify certain matters and procedures referred to in directives on the harmonization of the laws of Member States.
Other information is provided relating in particular to the member States authorities, Association and many others information.

Gas appliances directive

European gas appliances sector is governed by the European Parliament and the Council Directive 2009/142/EC of 30 November 2009 relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels.

Voluntary European harmonised standards developed by CEN and CENELEC support this Directive.

Additional information

PED and SPVD (Pressure Equipment Directive and Simple Pressure Vessels Directive)

GAD (Gas Appliances Directive)

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