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Mining, metals and minerals

High-Level Expert Group on Steel

Future of Europe's steel industry

In June 2013, the Commission adopted a Steel Action Plan which made key recommendations to EU countries to help address issues in the sector. To follow up on the implementation of the Steel Action Plan, the first meeting of the newly created European Commission High Level Expert Group on Steel (HLG) was held on 4 December 2013 in Brussels.

4 December 2013 – Minutes of the HLG meeting

Annual Report of the Steel Action Plan

Agenda of the HLG 25 June 2014

Remaining competitive

In July 2012 a High-Level Roundtable was set up by Vice‑President and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Antonio Tajani, in cooperation with the Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, László Andor.

The Roundtables served as a platform for dialogue between the Commissioners, industry chief executives and trade unions. They sought to identify the main factors affecting competitiveness of the EU steel industry and developed concrete recommendations for the Commission and national governments in order to keep the industry competitive in the long term.

The HLR itself gave the process political visibility and authority, while a “Sherpa” group prepared input for the HLR members.

In its Action Plan the Commission proposed to formally create a High-Level Group on Steel. This group follows the same structure of the previous High-Level Roundtable.

Parliament & national governments

Two observers from the European Parliament's ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) and EMPL (Employment and Social Affairs) committees attend. National governments are invited as observers to express their views on the challenges the steel industry is facing. Their participation does not prejudge the Parliament's and/or the Council's eventual position on the European Commission’s APS (Action Plan for the European Steel Industry).

Previous roundtables

The Third High-Level Roundtable (HLR) on the future of the European steel industry took place on Tuesday, 12 February 2013 and focused on approving specific policy recommendations pdf - 170 KB [170 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) to the European Commission and the Member States.

The recommendations served as a basis for the preparation of a long term Action Plan for the European Steel Industry.

Press release: Ensuring a future for steel in Europe, 11/06/2013

Action plan for a competitive and sustainable steel industry in Europe, 11/06/2013 pdf - 170 KB [170 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) italiano (it)

RAPID Memo 12/02/2013

16 May 2013 - Minutes from the fourth High-Level Roundtable on the European steel industry pdf - 37 KB [37 KB]

12 February 2013 - Minutes from the third High-Level Roundtable on the European steel industry pdf - 35 KB [35 KB]

6 December 2012 – Policy recommendations for the steel sector Action Plan pdf - 104 KB [104 KB]

19 September 2012 – Identification of the main competitive challenges faced by the European steel sector pdf - 45 KB [45 KB]

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