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Mechanical engineering

Reference documents


Directives applying to the mechanical sector, in accordance with Article 114 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union.

Guidance documents

These Guidance documents have been prepared by the relevant services of the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, in cooperation with Member States and the other interested parties. Their aim is to facilitate a common interpretation and application of the Directives: they provide relevant advice and a very useful source of information, taking into consideration the practical issues which have been raised during their period of implementation. Nevertheless, the readers' attention is drawn to the fact that this guidance documents have not the status of "law": only the relevant national transpositions of the Directives are legally binding.


A large and complex body of voluntary European harmonised standards developed by the relevant European Standardisation Organisations - CEN and CENELEC - supports the Directives. Compliance with those voluntary standards produces presumption of conformity with the requirements of the Directives, simplifying the application of the legislation. Those standards are continuously adapted to technical progress.

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