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Mechanical engineering

Application of the directive 94/9/EC to Petrol pumps - revised version

This subject was discussed at the ATEX Standing Committee meetings on the 6th & 7th February 2003, and on the 30th November 2006. The following is a summary of those discussions.

It was recalled that, whilst Categorisation of equipment was always the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, the view of the majority of the ATEX Standing Committee considered that, under normal circumstances, petrol pumps may be suitably categorised as Category 2.

Given this, and the fact that the assembly is sufficiently complicated and includes an electrical motor - with an additional ignition hazard as a result of assembling pump and motor -, the majority of the members concluded that Notified Body intervention with respect to the completed assembly was required, in line with the complete conformity assessment procedures outlined in the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (Annex III: EC-type examination). See also the ATEX Guidelines, 3.7.5 "Assemblies", point 2c).

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