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Legal metrology and pre-packaging

Measuring instruments - European standards

Harmonised Standards by European Standardisation Organisations

Both Directives provide for Member States presuming conformity with the essential requirements (Article 6 of Directive 2009/23/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 on non-automatic weighing instruments; Article 13.1 of Directive 2004/22/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 on measuring instruments) in respect of instruments complying with European harmonised standards, the references in respect of which have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union C-series.

Under Directive 2009/23/EC the reference of one harmonised standard on non-automatic weighing instruments has been published in the OJ C 153 of 4.6.1994 (p. 17).

Under Directive 2004/22/EC the references of harmonised standards have been published in the OJ C 218 of 24.7.2012 (p. 7)

Normative documents by OIML

According to Article 13.2 of Directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments, normative documents by the "Organisation Internationale de la Métrologie Légale" (OIML) may be identified as giving presumption of conformity with the essential requirements of the Directive after an advisory vote in the Measuring Instruments Committee. The references to normative documents have been published in the following publications of the Official Journal:

- OJ C 443 of 11.12.2014 (p. 1) and (p. 6)
- OJ C 76 of 14.3.2014 (p. 1) and (p. 21
- OJ C 109 of 16.4.2013 (p. 1) and (p. 5
- OJ C 33 of 2.2.2011 (p. 1) and (p. 13)
- OJ C 268 of 10.11.2009 (p. 1)
- OJ C 269 of 4.11.2006 (p. 1)

A number of guidance documents explain in more detail how the published references should be understood, notably where there is mention of 'partial coverage', which in no way should be understood as devaluing the OIML recommendation, see under Guidance Documents.

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