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Key Enabling Technologies and Digital Economy

ICT Standardisation

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Standardisation is a voluntary cooperation for the development of technical specifications based on consensus among stakeholders. Standards play an essential role in areas such as interoperability, privacy and accessibility thereby supporting market acceptance and the efficient and effective use of ICT applications and services.

The ICT standardisation landscape has dramatically changed over the last decade or so with the rise to prominence of industry organisations (fora and consortia) some of which have become established as leading ICT standards development bodies.

In accordance with the procedure established in Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 on European Standardisation, the Commission has adopted a Decision identifying six of the most relevant and most widely accepted ICT technical specifications issued by fora and consortia for referencing in public procurement.

Comission Implementing Decisions

31 October 2014 on the identification of Universal Business Language version 2.1 for referencing in public procurement

3 April 2014 on the ICT technical specifications eligible for referencing in public procurement

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