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Key Enabling Technologies and Digital Economy

Strategic Policy Forum Digital Entrepreneurship

The new Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship aims to foster the deployment and implementation of a sound strategy on Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe. The Strategic Forum will reinforce the dialogue among businesses, science, and politics with the aim of shaping an ambitious EU vision, a short and long-term strategy and a European roadmap to fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe.

NEW Reaching out to a broader stakeholders Community

The Strategic Policy Forum would like to hear your views on Digital Entrepreneurship.

The Forum will advise the Commission on policy issues and actions to foster digital entrepreneurship and will promote the development of the Digital Entrepreneurship policies by Member States at national and regional level.
The Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship was inaugurated by European Commission Deputy Director General for Enterprise and Industry, Antti Peltomaki, in Brussels on 28 February 2014. It is  expected to deliver an intermediate report by November 2014, with the state of play, new business opportunities, challenges and a suggested strategy to enhance Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe.

The vision:Europe’s ambition is to create new business opportunities and accelerate the transformation of its business landscape through novel digital technologies in order to increase growth and create employment.

The scope of priority areas to be discussed by the Forum is broad, including new business opportunities for jobs and growth, a favourable digital business environment, the digital transformation of traditional industry, access to finance, e-leadership skills, digital entrepreneurial culture and national and regional Digital Entrepreneurship policies.

The following key organisations are represented in the Strategic Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship:

  • Industry representatives, including digital entrepreneurs and traditional industries, pioneers in the digital transformation of their business, smaller enterprises and large corporates;
  • Technology providers to digital entrepreneurs and relevant associations;
  • Organisations supporting and monitoring digital entrepreneurship, including NGOs, universities, research organisations, intellectual property experts, equity firms, etc.
  • Public authorities, particularly active in the area of digital entrepreneurship.

The list of member organisations and their representatives is published on the website for Commission expert groups.

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