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Key Enabling Technologies and Digital Economy

ICT Task-Force

The ICT Task-Force was one of several initiatives taken under the Commission's industrial policy, which aims to help create a more favourable environment for business in the EU, and was designed to complement the Commission's main ICT-related initiative, i2010.


  • Identify major obstacles to the sector's competitiveness and the uptake of ICTs.
  • Help mobilise the sector and draw the attention of Member States to the obstacles identified.
  • Recommend possible policy responses.


The membership comprised high-level representatives of the ICT industry and civil society.

Industry members came from across the ICT sector and included incumbents, new entrants, and both large and medium-sized firms. Non-industry members represented trade unions, SMEs, chambers of commerce, consumers, investors and academia.

Each member of the Task-Force had a personal representative, or sherpa, and the group of sherpas was assisted by a trade association contact group pdf - 18 KB [18 KB] .

The Task-Force was chaired by Heinz Zourek, Director-General of DG Enterprise & Industry, and Fabio Colasanti, Director-General of DG Information Society & Media.

Working methods

Working groups were made up of members, their sherpas, industry associations and other stakeholders. The membership of working groups was open during the drafting process.

Each working group had a coordinator and deputy coordinator selected by the members of the working group concerned, and used a common topic paper format .

The six working groups tackled the following topics:

  1. ICT uptake
  1. IPR for competitiveness and innovation
  1. Innovation in R&D, manufacturing and services
  1. SMEs and entrepreneurship
  1. Skills and employability
  1. Achieving a single market

These topics were selected after discussions with the ICT trade associations BSA, ECTA, EICTA, ESIA, ETNO, European Software Association and ObjectWeb, who formed a Trade Association Contact Group for the duration of the Task-Force.

An external rapporteur drew together the findings and recommendations of the working groups into an overall report pdf - 138 KB [138 KB] .


  • 27 November 2006: Task-Force meeting to adopt;
  • 8 November 2006: meeting of sherpas to settle outstanding issues;
  • 27 October 2006: draft final report circulated to sherpas;
  • 20 October 2006: finalisation of output of working groups;
  • 19 September 2006: meeting of sherpas to review outputs of working groups;
  • mid-July 2006: engagement of external rapporteur;
  • 26 June to 6 July 2006: kick-off meetings of working groups;
  • 6 June 2006: inaugural meeting of Task-Force;
  • 17 May 2006: first meeting of sherpas;
  • 17 January 2006: roundtable between Commission and ICT industry associations;
  • 5 October 2005: adoption by Commission of Communication on new industrial policy

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