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Process on Corporate Responsibility in the field of Pharmaceuticals

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The pharmaceutical sector contributes significantly to the health and well-being of our citizens, but also to economic growth and employment in Europe. Despite the many achievements of the past years, the European pharmaceutical sector is confronted today with major health, economic and scientific challenges.

Considering the contributions the pharmaceutical industry can provide to the citizens, it is necessary to ensure that the strategies are in line with the societal needs and that all partners exercise their responsibilities. The Process on corporate responsibility in the field of pharmaceuticals was set up to initiate a momentum among the Member States, industry and other relevant stakeholders by considering in a balanced approach societal and industrial challenges. 

Given the experiences of the G10 process and of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum, the Process on corporate responsibility in the field of pharmaceuticals facilitated discussions on ethics and transparency of the sector but also on non-regulatory conditions for better access to medicines after their marketing authorisation. The process was composed of three independent platforms :





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