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Working Group on Information to Patients

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The aim of the Working Group is to advise the Commission on ways to improve the quality of, and access to, information on authorised medicines and related health areas to European patients.

This will supplement the key role of health professionals in providing information to patients on medicines and health issues more generally. Patients are increasingly faced with different information, provided by multiple parties with differing objectives and sent through multiple channels (e.g., the internet). This initiative will focus on disease information, electronic and non-electronic dissemination of information and the availability of supporting information in the healthcare environments (such as pharmacies and hospitals).


The Information to Patients Working Group has developed and agreed on a number of documents :


  1. Recommendations to enhance access to information on diseases and treatment options in healthcare settings and examples of good and innovative practices pdf - 36 KB [36 KB]
    The recommendations will help all relevant actors to enhance access and dissemination of healthcare information in the three healthcare settings: general practices, community pharmacies and hospitals. As a complement, a set of examples of good and innovative practices in several Member States pdf - 338 KB [338 KB] have been collected and are made available.

  2. Core Quality Principles on information to patients pdf - 11 KB [11 KB] and detailed practical methodology of use pdf - 41 KB [41 KB]
    Core quality principles on information to patients were identified as a basis for developing quality health information on diseases and related issues to patients. The quality principles were submitted to public consultation, the results of which are published on the Commission website. A methodology of use of the core quality principles will make them easier to implement.

  3. The key elements for core information on disease and treatment and the diabetes package example pdf - 43 KB [43 KB]
    The key elements for core information on diseases and treatment options intends to list in detail what ideally should constitute health information for patients and, more generally, citizens. A specific example of an information package on diabetes was designed as the basis for identification of the key elements of core information. Both the diabetes example package and the results of the public consultation are available on the Commission website.

  4. Summary of research on patients tools to distinguish good health information quality pdf - 38 KB [38 KB]
    The summary research, based on published studies, covers two aspects. Firstly, the summary provides some examples of patients needs in different population groups and propose in an information "tool-box" some actions to tackle the problems. Secondly, the summary sets out some tools to help consumers find relevant information on the internet, including the so called D.A.R.T.S[1] tools.

  5. Introduction to Public Private Partnerships and other Collaborative Approaches Delivering Information to Patients on Diseases and Treatment Options in Europe illustrated by an overview of existing initiatives pdf - 68 KB [68 KB]
    This document provides a summary of existing collaborations and partnerships in Europe delivering information to patients. It highlights the existing possibilities for setting up national initiatives with diverse stakeholders, and gives an idea of the multiple models already in existence. An overview table providing key information on some of the existing initiatives is annexed to the document.

  6. Ethical guidance as to collaborations and public private partnership among partnering organisations pdf - 19 KB [19 KB]
    The ethical guidance aims at helping create and improve collaborations and partnerships, to ensure that relations between the various categories of partners are responsible and meaningful.

  7. Wider Health Aspects pdf - 25 KB [25 KB]
    Discussions within the Pharmaceutical Forum on information to patients are recognised as being part of a wider health information context that can be further expanded in the future. This document sets out a number of issues in this wider context, linking information, for example, to patients and health literacy.

[1] D.A.R.T.S refers to Date, Author, References, Type and Sponsor.


For more information about the G10 process, please consult the report "High level group on innovation and provision of medicines in the EU pdf - 503 KB [503 KB] "

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