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Working Group on Relative Effectiveness

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The Working Group on Relative Effectiveness aims to support Member States apply relative effectiveness systems in order to allow containment of pharmaceutical costs as well as a fair reward for innovation.

Relative effectiveness assessment systems are relatively new for many Member States and rather complex. Nevertheless, the outcome of relative effectiveness assessments is promising as they will help allow identify the most valuable medicines, both in terms of clinical efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and will help set a fair price for these medicines. The Working Group will bring experiences of different Member States and of industry together in order to further develop this promising field.


The Relative Effectiveness Working Group developed and agreed on a number of documents:


  1. Core principles on relative effectiveness pdf - 36 KB [36 KB]
    The core principles on relative effectiveness assessments set out certain general principles of public administration that could be relevant for developing national systems and help to encourage of exchange of information, methodologies and experiences between the relevant national authorities.

  2. Availability of data to conduct relative effectiveness assessments pdf - 125 KB [125 KB]
    The document provides a survey of the current processes on data availability during relative effectiveness assessments at national level. It highlights a number of key findings and best practices. Lastly the document contains some possible recommendations for the future.

  3. Development of networking and collaboration pdf - 34 KB [34 KB]
    Practically all Member States communicate through bilateral or multilateral forms of collaboration on the issue of relative effectiveness assessments. This document identifies the most relevant networks and puts forward certain recommendations for networking at the European level on this topic.

For more information about the G10 process, please consult the report "High level group on innovation and provision of medicines in the EU "

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