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Healthcare Industries

Monitoring and analysis of the sector

The monitoring and analysis of the industries' competitiveness is implemented in various ways, on the basis of specialised studies carried out by external experts, through informal or institutionalised contacts (e.g. networks with Member States, expert workshops and high level groups) and in dialogue with public authorities and stakeholders (e.g. industry associations, patient groups and other societal stakeholders).

In early 2008, the European Commission launched an inquiry into competition in the pharmaceutical sector. The inquiry examines competition in Europe's pharmaceuticals markets, including the factors impacting the entry of generic medicines into the market and the evolution of the number of new medicines. Please visit the dedicated webpage of the Competition Directorate-General for information on the Sector Inquiry.

In 2009, the Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General commissioned a study to examine the functioning of the pharmaceutical market in the framework of Commission's market monitoring exercise. The study on the competitiveness of the EU market and industry for pharmaceuticals complements the Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry. It looked at the impact of regulatory systems on the EU pharmaceutical market, with a particular focus on the implications of pricing and reimbursement regulation. The report comprises two parts:

Study on the competitiveness of the EU market and industry for pharmaceuticals

In 2010, two studies were commissioned to examine developments in the biosimilar and generic markets:

Given the importance of the health care sector, the Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General has launched a study on health care services, sectors and products in the European Union. Its objective is to draw a comprehensive picture of health care, in particular with regard to its potential for economic growth, employment and public health.

Based on all this information, the Commission contributes to creating an environment which fosters the European Union's innovation potential in the health care industries.

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