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Overview of the European Fashion Industry

European fashion and high-end industries represent European cultural heritage and know-how. These industries are a significant part of the creative economy and form complex and strongly interlinked value chains from design and manufacturing to the distribution and retail of fashion goods.

Therefore, the fashion and high-end industries are by definition very different from the clothing industry. In fact, they are of interdisciplinary nature which includes the design, the manufacturing (such as textiles, clothing, footwear, leather, and fur products, jewellery and accessories), as well as the distribution and retail to final consumers.

Fashion links creativity, design and craftsmanship to modern technologies, branding strategies and successful business models. With almost 850 000 companies, 5 million jobs, and another 3 million jobs to be found throughout the supply chain, the Fashion industry can contribute to further economic growth and a strengthening of the competitive position of the EU economy as a whole.

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