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Low Voltage Directive - ADCO documents


The Administrative Co-operation Working Group (LVD ADCO) is an independent Working Group run and chaired by the Member States. The Group is a forum for co-operation and exchange of information between national market surveillance authorities.

LVD ADCO Documents include Recommendations issued by LVD ADCO WG and Reports of cross border market surveillance projects.  These documents are not legally binding.  They do not necessarily represent the opinion of the European Commission or the LVD WP.  If and when they are applied by market surveillance authorities, the provisions and principles of Article 9 of the LVD shall be respected.

Existing ADCO Recommendations

Past ADCO Recommendations

ADCO Reports and Information Documents

*Statement from the European Commission with respect to the ADCO Recommendation on Hot Surfaces:
The Commission recommends to market surveillance authorities to postpone the application of the Recommendation on Hot Surfaces, until further discussions are held on this issue.


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