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The Lead Market Initiative (LMI) and sustainable construction: Screening of national building regulations

One of the goals of the Action Plan for the LMI area sustainable construction was a screening of national building regulations.

The contract to carry out the study was awarded to:

PRC Bouwcentrum International (Bodegraven, The Netherlands), in cooperation with

Delft University of Technology (Delft, The Netherlands).

This report assesses whether and how the EU-27 Member States currently regulate sustainable construction, whether and how these regulations are enforced on a day to day basis, and finally whether and how non-public market initiatives and public-private initiatives complement the formal building regulatory systems in addressing sustainability goals. It also assesses the coherence and efficiency of the building regulatory systems, and identifies the possible needs for coordination at EU level to consolidate the regulatory framework.

The research questions:

  • How do the building regulation in the EU-27 address sustainability and to what extent are the requirements formulated with respect to EU directives?
  • What are the developments in the regulatory systems of the EU-27 with regards to sustainability in general?
  • What aspects of sustainable construction have had focal attention in the EU-27's regulatory systems? And, how are these addressed?
  • What is the relationship between public and private sector participation in promotion, assessment and regulation of sustainable construction?
  • Whether and how do instruments such as certification schemes and assessment guidelines take account of an assessment of sustainable construction aspects of processes and products?
  • Whether and how is sustainable construction regulation enforced?

The result of this study is that harmonized and comparative regulation is one of the first priorities. This goes in particular for assessment methods.


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