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Analysis and assessment of the elements of certain Community policies that impact on the competitiveness of the construction sector

Within the framework of the Lisbon Strategy, the Commission launched a sector-specific study in late 2005 to identify which elements of Community policies impact on the competitiveness of the construction sector.

In coordination with the Commission and the construction industry, the major Community policies, measures and instruments to be included [1] were determined. Following on from this, the study team carryied out a comprehensive and structured analysis of the impact that these measures and their implementation might have on the competitiveness of the construction sector.

Based on the impact analysis, the team also determined and indicated the potential for improving the relevant Community provisions while maintaining the policy goals. The final report includes suggestions for practical steps for improvement. This report should constitute a basis for further discussions within the Commission, Member States, the industry and other concerned parties on the operational steps to be taken.

The contract to carry out the study was awarded to:

The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
United Kingdom

For this study, the University of Manchester was supported by a consortium of four institutions from other Member states (Athens University of Economics and Business, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment - Paris, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden and the ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre in Kutno, Poland). The partner organisations, drawn from Member States with a variety of institutional and structural arrangements, provided insight into the impact of policies in their respective countries and helped the study team to provide a reliable view of the overall impact of policies across the EU.

An interim report was submitted to the Commission in late April 2006, explaining the strategy used and indicating a detailed implementation programme. Following the presentation of the draft Final Report at the end of September, the Commission organised a one-day evaluation and validation workshop in October 2006 to present the results of the study and ask for the views of stakeholders. The report has now been finalised:

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