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The Eurocodes (European technical standards) are the Europe-wide means for the structural design of buildings and other civil and engineering works.

The Eurocodes cover:

  • basis of structural design (EN 1990); 
  • actions on structures (EN 1991);
  • the design of concrete (EN 1992), steel (EN 1993), composite steel and concrete (EN 1994), timber (EN 1995), masonry (EN 1996) and aluminium structures (EN 1999), together with;
  • geotechnical design (EN 1997); and
  • the design, assessment and retrofitting of structures for earthquake resistance (EN 1998).

According to the Public Procurement Directives (2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC ), contracting authorities in the EU must allow the use of the Eurocodes in structural design aspects of tenders falling within the scope of these Directives.

In addition, to implement the Internal Market for services (engineering and contracting) and structural construction products, the Commission Recommendation 2003/887/EC of 11 December 2003 strongly encourages the EU Member States to take on board the Eurocodes as their national design codes.

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