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Technical Assessment Bodies

Definition and designation

A Technical Assessment Body (TAB) is in charge of the assessment and issue the European Assessment in a product area for which it has been designated.

Member States may designate a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) according to their national procedures within their territories, notably for one or several product areas.

A TAB shall satisfy the requirements set out in the construction products regulation within the scope of its designation.

A list of TABs including the product areas for which they are designated is available in NANDO-CPR.


The Technical Assessment Bodies have established an organisation for their cooperation. This organisation carries out in particular following tasks:

  • develop and adopt European Assessment Documents (EAD)and ensure that adopted EADs are kept publically available;
  • coordinate the application of the procedures set out for a request for a European technical assessment and for the procedure adopting a European Assessment document;
  • organise the coordination of the TABs and ensure cooperation an consultation with other stakeholders;
  • ensure that examples of best practice are shared between TABs to promote greater efficiency and provide a better service to industry.

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