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Notified Bodies


Notified Bodies (NBs) are the only recognised third party bodies that can carry out a conformity assessments laid down in the relevant harmonised European standards or European Technical Assessment.

The range of possible notifiable tasks are:

  • product certification;
  • factory production control (FPC) certification;
  • determination of the product-type on the basis of type testing.

Designation procedure

Notified Bodies are designated by Member States of the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as by other countries (e.g. Switzerland or Turkey) having signed a specific agreement with the EU.

A list of all officially designated Notified Bodies under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is available in the database NANDO-CPR.

Group of Notified Bodies (GNB)

The Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry ensure co-operation between the Member States, the Notified Bodies and the European Commission by supporting a co-ordination structure for the Notified Bodies of all the harmonisation Directives based on the New Approach or the Global Approach: the Group of Notified Bodies.

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