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Good Laboratory Practice

The principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) have been developed in the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Their aim is to promote the quality and validity of data generated in the testing of chemicals and to prevent fraudulent practises. The EU has adopted these principles and the revised OECD Guides for Compliance Monitoring Procedures for GLP as annexes to its two GLP Directives.

The recognition of test data generated in accordance with the principles of GLP by the authorities in all EU and OECD Member States and also by those non-OECD countries which have adhered to the OECD's Mutual Acceptance of Data Decision avoids duplicative testing, is beneficial to animal welfare and reduces costs for industry and governments. Moreover, common principles for GLP facilitate the exchange of information and prevent the emergence of non-tariff barriers to trade, while contributing to the protection of human health and environment.

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