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Thematic studies for Review of REACH

Technical assistance related to the scope of REACH and other relevant EU legislation to assess overlaps


The objective of the contract was to provide policy, legal and technical support to the Commission to undertake the review described in Article 138(6) of REACH.  In this context, the tasks of the contractor were as follows:

1. Perform an analysis of all relevant sectoral EU legislation or draft EU legislation with a focus on the following elements: aim and scope of each piece of legislation and if relevant the different steps or parts of the legislation; definitions; regulatory mechanisms, assessment methods and scopes, including exemptions;

2. Give an overview of all identified relevant elements and provisions in the reviewed legislation including, where available, relevant EU guidance documents supporting implementation of those provisions;

3. Compare the elements analysed with those of the REACH Regulation;

4. Assess whether REACH and the identified sectoral EU legislation have in-built mechanisms that cater for taking into account decisions under other legislative frameworks and how these avoid double regulation;

5. Identify gaps and give recommendations.

Data gathering

Input: interviews/ internet based stakeholders’ consultation

Final report

Final report pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]

Lead Directorate-General



Millieu Ltd.

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