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Thematic studies for Review of REACH

Review of the registration requirements for 1 to 10 tonnes substances and polymers


As required by Article 138(2) and (3) of REACH and for the purpose of the review of REACH, potentially with a view to amend REACH afterwards, the project assessed the registration requirements on polymers and on substances in the 1 to 10 tonnes tonnage range . This included:

Assessment of the possibility to extend the information requirements for substances manufactured or imported at 1 tonne and below 10 tonnes considering in particular the latest developments in alternative hazard information generation methodologies.

Assessment of the registration requirements on polymers, including:

  • assessment of the possibility to assess the hazardous properties of polymers from the information provided in registration dossier in particular of monomers;
  • assessment of the risks posed by polymers in comparison with other substances;
  • assessment of how these risks are managed or not through the existing registration obligations in REACH;
  • assessment of possible ways of selecting polymers for registration in a practicable and cost-efficient way and on the basis of sound technical and valid scientific criteria.

Data gathering

Input: interviews

Final report

Executive Summary pdf - 541 KB [541 KB]  

Part A: Polymers pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]

Part B: 1 to 10 Tonne Substances pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

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