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Thematic studies for Review of REACH

Inspection requirements for REACH and CLP


The study provides input to secure and strengthen proper implementation and enforcement of the REACH and CLP Regulations.

The objective of the study was:

  1. Building on work already performed by the FORUM and in close cooperation with it, to identify criteria and enforcement strategy for MS on how to most effectively conduct REACH and CLP controls and inspections.
  2. To assess the potential benefits of possible further legislation and options for the COM in this field.
  3. Finally, to assess whether the current requirements of the REACH and CLP Regulations could potentially be reinforced and how.

Data gathering

Input: Interviews/survey with competent authorities, survey with industry

Final Report and Annexes

Final Report  [880 KB]

Annex 1  [150 KB]

Annex 2  [62 KB]

Annex 3  [175 KB] 

Annex 4  [430 KB]

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