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REACH helpdesks - Sherper final report

Below you can find the final report from the "SHERPER" project, concerning the establishment of REACH helpdesks for SMEs as well as additional documentation.

SHERPER Final Report pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

The EIC Case Study Report pdf - 203 KB [203 KB] (detailed report from the three EICs visited during the SHERPER project; EIC Milan, EIC Warsaw and EIC Magdeburg)

Presentations on REACH helpdesk initiatives and practical experience, as presented at the SHERPER meetings on 13.09.2006 and 24.10.2006:

Thomas Jostmann, Cefic - Introduction to REACH Centrum pdf - 633 KB [633 KB]

Hanny Nover, Nordrhein Westphalen, Suzanne Wiandt, BAUA - Introduction the pilot project REACHNet pdf - 600 KB [600 KB]

Tim Jessel, UK Chemicals Industry Association - Introduction to REACH Ready pdf - 734 KB [734 KB]

Kirsi Sihvonen, Finnish Product Control Agency for Welfare and Health - REACH brochure and awareness raising project pdf - 361 KB [361 KB]

Maarten Roggeman, Belgian Environmental Ministry - Introduction to a ministry REACH helpdesk pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

Melvyn White, CBA - ReFaC, the REACH Facilitation company for SMEs pdf - 126 KB [126 KB]

Walter Claes, EuPC - Introduction to the EuPC REACH helpdesk pdf - 472 KB [472 KB]

Thorbjorn Lindh, KEMI Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate - Plans for a REACH web portal pdf - 44 KB [44 KB]

Active Issue documents

These were the first phase of the SHERPER expert group's interactive developing of the key issues. The ten Active Issue documents were drafted and led by SHERPER experts, and other SHERPER participants commented on them actively during a period of two months. You can download the final documents that are a summary of the whole debate and agreement/disagreement on the ten key issues:

Active Issue document on Publicity pdf - 114 KB [114 KB]

Active Issue document on Communication methods pdf - 91 KB [91 KB]

Active Issue document on Priority topics for helping SMEs pdf - 109 KB [109 KB]

Active Issue document on Helpdesk structures pdf - 87 KB [87 KB]

Active Issue document on Making the Guidance documents relevant pdf - 80 KB [80 KB]

Active Issue document on Liability issues pdf - 60 KB [60 KB]

Active Issue document on the limits to the Scope of a helpdesk pdf - 62 KB [62 KB]

Active Issue document on Resourcing pdf - 106 KB [106 KB]

Active Issue document on a Harmonised approach pdf - 66 KB [66 KB]

Active Issue document on Interactions and Relationships pdf - 52 KB [52 KB]

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