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Sherper dissemination workshop

The study concerning the establishment of REACH helpdesk for SME, known as the "SHERPER" project was finalised during the dissemination workshop "SHERPER and beyond" which was designed to inform stakeholders about the findings of the study. Over 160 participants attended the event, representing various national authorities and stakeholder groups.

The speakers - many of them SME Helpdesk experts - focused on commenting the final recommendations of the report and providing numerous examples of successful helpdesk activities, including operating national REACH helpdesks. Please find below the presentations given at the workshop:

  1. Daniel Klein - Legal background of REACH pdf - 43 KB [43 KB]
  1. Jens Torslov - Progress of the RIP projects and the overall guidance package pdf - 512 KB [512 KB]
  1. Doris Scheffler - EIC Network pdf - 5 MB [5 MB]
  1. Ian Dobson - Comments on SHERPER Recommendations pdf - 476 KB [476 KB]
  1. Peter Chandler - Help Desk Scope, Structure and Resources - practical examples pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]
  1. Judith Hackitt - Industry Initiatives to support Reach implement pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
  1. Kirsi Sihvonen - REACH brochure and awareness raising project pdf - 8 MB [8 MB]
  1. Suzannne Wiandt - First experiences when setting up a national REACH-Helpdesk in Germany pdf - 13 MB [13 MB]
  1. Ilse Maas - Blueprint for REACH-helpdesk in The Netherlands pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]
  1. Walter Claes - The setting up of the EUPC Helpdesk - the industry Helpdesk of the European Plastics Converters Association pdf - 7 MB [7 MB]
  1. Torbjorn Lindh - Swedish Experience in Help Desk Activities in the area of EC Chemicals Legislations pdf - 724 KB [724 KB]
  1. Peter Chandler - Issues of Confidentiality and Liability for REACH helpdesks pdf - 760 KB [760 KB]
  1. Otto Linher - Network of national helpdesks pdf - 72 KB [72 KB]

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