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REACH Regulation - Public Consultation

Following the adoption of the White Paper, the Commission's services prepared a consultation document concerning the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals:

An Internet Consultation was run from 7 May to 10 July.

Please note that these texts are now outdated and have been superseded by the Commission's final legislative proposals for REACH.

The received contributions can be consulted here.

See also:

  • Press Release IP/03/646 of 7.5.2003
  • Questions & Answers MEMO/03/99 of 7.5.2003 (not updated)
  • Flow charts pdf - 10 KB [10 KB] on the procedures under REACH of 7.5.2003 (not updated)
  • Speech by Margot Wallström, Commissioner for Environment, on the New Chemicals Legislation, SPEECH/03/169 of 31.3.2003

Guidance to Contributors to the Internet Consultation on the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals (REACH)

In February 2001 the Commission published a White Paper on the 'Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy', COM(2001)88 final setting out its proposals for reforming the current rules governing the chemicals sector. Publication of the White Paper was followed by extensive consultation of stakeholders. In the meantime the Commission Services have prepared texts in relation to the implementation of the strategy which the Commission has decided should be the basis for an Internet consultation of stakeholders. The current text does not prejudge the decision to be taken by the Commission.

The purpose of the consultation is to assess the reaction of stakeholders to the texts elaborated by the Commission Services, with regard to the workability of the system, including the technical requirements and the administrative burden. In order to ensure the most effective processing of responses stakeholders are invited to concentrate on the efficiency of the mechanisms and procedures, including the scientific and technical requirements that are set out in the texts. Wherever relevant, we invite stakeholders to offer their proposed amendments to the texts so that we can be sure we understand their proposals.

Please note that Annex X (Test Methods) and Annex XVI (Restrictions) are consolidations of existing Community legislation, and are presented for ease of understanding rather than for consultation.

It is planned to place all responses on our web-site for public access. However, if contributors indicate that they would like their identity to be kept confidential, they may tick the appropriate box in the response document.

This internet consultation constitutes an early notice under Article 2.9.1 of the TBT Agreement and is aimed inter alia at informing interested parties in other WTO Members that the Community is considering introducing a new technical regulation on this topic. The TBT Committee will be informed accordingly. Please note that the last date for comments is 10 July 2003.

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