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Contributions to the public consultation on REACH

Thank you for all the contributions we have received to the consultation on the draft chemicals legislation, which is now closed. All comments will be carefully analysed by the Enterprise and Environment Directorates General.

We have received some 6 400 contributions to the consultation and a number of specific questions. Please note it is not always possible to respond to these queries as the two teams involved are working hard to analyse the contributions and to make appropriate changes to the proposal.

We are currently processing all the comments we have received and will publish them on this web site in the coming days. Thank you once again for participating in the development of this important area.

Please note that the comments published hereafter have been received from third parties. The Commission therefore accepts no responsibility for their content and publishes them in the format in which they were submitted.

The two main sections of the report are: Those who have responded on behalf of an organisation and those who have responded as an individual. Within each of these sections, the report is sorted by stakeholder type, then by country and finally alphabetically by stakeholder name. The stakeholder name is taken as the organisation name, in the case of responses on behalf of an organisation and as the contact name in the case of responses as an individual. Where respondents have requested confidentiality, the stakeholder name is replaced by "**********".

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