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Poison Centres

Review of the Commission services according to Article 45(4) of CLP Regulation

Article 45(4) of the CLP Regulation* requires the Commission to carry out a review by January 2012, to assess the possibility of harmonising the information provided to poison centres for formulating preventive and curative measures in the event of emergency health responses. This work was carried out following the consultation with relevant stakeholders and with the support of the European Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicology (EAPCCT).
The review can be downloaded here pdf - 303 KB [303 KB] .

Harmonising information provided to poison information centres

In order to fulfil its obligations under Article 45 (4) of the CLP Regulation, the Commission organised two smaller expert meetings in 2010 involving representatives from poison centres in the Member States during which a number of specific proposals as well as questions were formulated with the recommendation to discuss them in a larger forum. This larger forum was convened in form of a workshop on 24 November 2010.
At the workshop, nearly 80 representatives from the European Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT), national poison centres, various Commission Services, competent authorities in the Member States, industry, industry associations, and other stakeholders were present.

The summaries of the presentations made at the workshop as well as the conclusions drawn and solutions proposed are contained in a brochure which can be downloaded via the following link: Stakeholder workshop report pdf - 661 KB [661 KB]

Workshop on the Harmonisation of Information to be submitted to Poison Centres – CLP Article 45(4)* on 24 November 2010

Presentations from the Workshop on 24 November 2010

Introduction to Article 45(4) of the CLP Regulation: Karola Grodzki, European Commission ppt8 - 435 KB [435 KB]

Information to Poison Information Centres - situation today and expectations for the future: Pieter Brekelmans, NVIC/RIVM ppt8 - 4 MB [4 MB]

Draft EAPCCT guidelines - review of information requirements: Ronald de Groot, NVIC/RIVM ppt8 - 5 MB [5 MB]

Additional PC Data Quality Needs:

Data exchange formats - PDF and HTML: Christophe Dupriez, PIC pdf - 343 KB [343 KB]

View of Member States Competent Authorities:

Views of industry:

Webstreaming from the Workshop on 24 November 2010

Morning session 10h00 - 11h15

Morning session 11h45 - 13:00

Afternoon session 14:15 - 15:35

Afternoon session 16:00 - 17:50

Webstreaming from the Expert meeting on 7 November 2011

In order to conclude the stakeholder consultation, the Commission organised 2 further expert meetings in 2011 (15 June and 7 November) with representatives from Member States, Poison Centres, the European Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT) and Industry. The meeting on 7 November was again webstreamed (the meeting starts about 50 minutes into the broadcast) in order to allow those who could not participate to follow the discussion. At this meeting it was also possible to send questions related to the meeting to the Commission.


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