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What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology in dictionary © Tomas Jonsson

Biotechnology makes a significant contribution to the modernisation of Europe's industry sectors. Its broad range of high-tech applications is increasingly playing a role in enhancing our competitiveness, raising economic growth and improving the welfare of European citizens. The main application areas of modern biotechnology can be classified into three groups: healthcare and pharmaceutical applications; industrial processes and manufacturing; and agriculture, livestock, veterinary products and aquaculture.

Our mission is to promote the competitiveness of Europe's biotechnology industries and to ensure that their environment is conducive to innovation, economic growth and employment.

We are involved in developing several political and technical initiatives to address the key business problems faced by companies developing biotechnology-based products and have built up an in-depth knowledge in these rapidly evolving areas, which is kept up to date through extensive monitoring and studies as well as continuous consultation with the stakeholders.

The monitoring and analysis of the industries' competitiveness is implemented in various ways, on the basis of specialised studies carried out by external experts, through informal or institutionalised contacts (such as networks with Member States' representatives) and in a dialogue with stakeholders (industry associations, academia and other societal stakeholders).

For issues relating to marketing authorisations for medicinal productsincluding the evaluation of quality, safety and efficacy of medicines, please visit the dedicated Website for Pharmaceuticals.

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